If you have any lottery questions, the chances are that other people will have exactly the same questions so with that in mind, here are a list of the most common queries when it comes to playing the lottery, whether that is the national lottery or one of the other lotto’s that are available to play from around the world.

What is Lottery betting?

Lottery betting is where you are betting on the actual result of a lottery draw as opposed to actually taking part in the lottery itself.
This gives the player the opportunity to bet on different lotteries from around the world and to get involved with the excitement which is generated through playing on these lotteries.
What’s more, the odds of winning a prize depending on the number of correct picks are clearly stated so that the payer is able to make a calculated judgement on which lotto games they would like to get involved in.
How old do you have to be to play lotto online?
If you are playing the lotto online, you need to eighteen years of age.
The question of how old do you have to be, can sometimes cause confusion because if you are purchasing lotto tickets offline the age requirement can range from sixteen years old in the UK to twenty one years old in some US states.
To play online though you need to be eighteen years old, and whilst it could be argued that you might be able to disguise the fact you are under eighteen when purchasing a lotto ticket, the problems will arise should you win because even if they wanted to, the operator would not be legally allowed to pay you.
Definitely not worth the risk!

How do you play the lottery online?

It is just a case of signing up with a reputable lottery betting provider such as multilotto.co.uk, going through the sign-up process and then registering a payment method so that you can start betting on the lottery of your choice.
When it comes to which lotto’s to bet on, it is just a matter of choosing from one or more of the options which are available, depositing the necessary funds to cover the ticket price and away you go.
Websites such as multilotto.co.uk are especially easy to navigate so it is easy to find the wide selection of lotto games that are available and make your choices from there.

Is playing lotto online safe?

Playing lotto online is extremely safe as long as you take adequate precautions to ensure that the website which you are using is secure and has a license to operate which has been granted by the relevant gambling commission.
Using multilotto.co.uk as an example, if you scroll down to the bottom of the website you will see that they have been authorized to operate this type of operation by the UK Gambling Commission.
In order for an operation to be granted a license by the UK Gambling Commission, rigorous checks need to be made to ensure that is safe and secure for any player who deposits funds and plays there.
These checks include making sure that all personal details, as well as payment details, are secure and that all betting options meet the commission’s strict requirements.

Is it safe to play lottery online?

It is extremely safe to play the lottery online.
As long as you take the time to ensure that the website where you are playing has been granted the adequate licenses which deem them fit to offer lottery betting services, you will have absolutely nothing to worry about and it will be safe to play the lottery online.

Are there signs that a lottery is a scam?

Unfortunately, there are scam operators out there whose sole aim is to lure in the unwary, obtain their payment details and fraudulently relieve them of their money.
Fortunately, though, there are signs which will identify a rogue operator and they are pretty easy to spot.
One of the main signs is to scroll down to the bottom of an operator’s website and check to see if they have been granted a license from the relevant gambling commission, dependent on which country which they are operating from.
If they don’t have a license, don’t even go there.
If they do advertise the fact that they have been granted a license, but you still have your doubts (perhaps because of an unprofessional looking website), you can simply go to the gambling commission and ask them if they have granted a license to the website in which you are considering joining.
More often than not, there will be a link on the commission’s website which lists all license holders.

How to receive lottery winnings online?

Before we talk about how to receive lottery winnings online it would perhaps be best to speak about how to make a deposit.
When you open an account with a lottery betting provider you will be invited to add a payment method to your account so that you will be able to make a deposit in order to play.
A list of the available deposit options will be on display and it is just a matter of choosing which one you would prefer to use.
The most common methods are by Visa and Mastercard, but more and more players are choosing to take advantage of what is known as web wallets.
The most popular web wallet at this particular time is called Skrill, and one of the main advantages of using a web wallet such as this is that all transactions can be kept separate from your bank account which is more than likely used for everyday expenses.
In answer to the original question, how do you receive lottery winnings online, it is usually a case of any winnings being paid back to the card or web wallet from where the original deposit was made.
The amount of time it takes for the payment to be made can vary depending on the payment method which has been used, but it is usually far quicker for payment to be made back to a web wallet.