If you took the time to study the lotto odds, in particular, the odds of winning the lotto, you probably wouldn’t even bother to buy a ticket but that is not what playing the lottery is all about, is it?
Trying telling the people who have won a fortune from playing the lotto that the lotto odds are against them, they will probably just give a wry smile and drive off into the sunset behind the wheel of their Lamborghini, waving to you out of the sun roof as they go.
In this day and age of online gambling, the talk is often based around searching for the best odds in order to extract the most value out of any given bet and some people try and transfer this way of thinking into the lotto and argue that because the lotto-odds are against them, it is not even worth their time to get involved.
With all due respect to these people, playing the lotto is not about extracting as much value as possible, it is about having some fun in the hope that there could be a life-changing amount of money if the player’s numbers come up.
Most people realise that the chances of this happening are extremely remote, but it can happen.

Powerball Stats & Odds

Just as with the National Lottery, controversy surrounded this lottery with the Powerball statistics changing dramatically due to the fact that the number of balls were increased, which meant that the odds of winning the Powerball jackpot increased from one hundred and seventy-five million to one to two hundred and ninety-two million to one.
The organisers of the Powerball lotto argued that the increase in numbers meant that there would be more chance of someone winning the smaller prizes but for those with the jackpot on their mind, the news didn’t go down very well at all.
Talking of Powerball statistics, it might be a good idea to compare the odds of winning this lotto to other events which you may have not even thought of.

Euromillions Stats & Odds

For many people in the UK as well as other parts of Europe, the Euromillions is a lotto that has grabbed the attention due to the massive wins that are on offer.
When the prize fund rolls over, every man and his dog start to study the Euromillions statistics and begin to imagine just what they will do with the massive amounts of cash that will be available to them if they win.
The newspapers start to discuss Euromillions statistics and it is not unusual to read about all of the luxuries that you will be able to purchase and where you can get them from.


Mega Millions

Due to the sheer size of this lottery, websites which concentrate on Mega Millions statistics seem to out number similar websites which relate to other lotto’s by a massive scale.
If you look carefully, you will see that there are lots of charts and Mega Millions statistics which relate to the number of times that a particular number has been drawn and how this will affect the chances of that particular number appearing in future draws.
We have already spoken about why the balls that are chosen are completely random and it makes absolutely no difference if the number fifteen appeared for the last twenty weeks in a row, it doesn’t make it any more likely that it will or won’t be drawn in this week’s Mega Millions draw.


EuroJackpot statistics

For obvious reasons, it is not unusual to get the Eurojackpot mixed up with the Euromillions lottery and we are not only talking about the name being similar.
Certain European countries observed the success of Euromillions and wanted a piece of the action so instead of getting envious about it, they decided to set up their own lottery and as they say, the rest is history.
A common misconception regarding Eurojackpot statistics is that the jackpot payouts are poor, mainly because the jackpot usually starts at ten million Euros.